Monday, March 19, 2012

An Easter Sunday Dress

 What in the what? An easter dress done before easter? Yep! Totally nailed it this year. I am usually scrambling to get an easter dress put together a few days before easter. Not this year, spring is coming, bulbs are springing up and I was excited to make an easter dress!
 I found a seersucker in a pretty teal and I knew it was meant to be. Not to mention how much I love switching up the direction of the stripes.
 Abbey loves it to. (which is a rare reaction) It's comfortable and easy without being to over the top. (you know how easter dresses can get)
 Plus it has pockets. What's not to love about a dress with pockets? So ready for an easy dress?

 I started with the "Claire" dress/top pattern. You know how I love a good remix. I love the square neck bodice of the Claire since I was inspired by this dress. The Claire was pretty close in the bodice. For the skirt I made a skirt piece (on the fold) that was about 2 inches wider than the bodice (also on the fold) Then I made the hip curve and it wen in slightly narrower at the bottom. I cut the skirt piece the length I wanted. This shape allows for pleating at the waist and a nice "bubble" type shape.
 Also since I was using a seersucker that was quite see through I used a cotton to line. Cut 2 skirt pieces and 2 lining pieces and then I cut out 4 pocket pieces. (let's also pretend the color in this picture isn't so pukey looking) Alright good to go? Oh for the bodice, I cut out only the bodice pieces no sleeves. You could make the whole claire if you rather and I will show you how to make it sleeveless.
 Sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulders (following the pattern) until you have the two bodice pieces. Then place them right sides together. Sew along the back and neckline, and shoulder/underarm area. (follow the black dotted line) Clip the corners and curves.
 Then turn the bodice right side out.
 Now we will sew the underarm together. Match up the front and back underarm area right sides together. Then sew the two pieces together. (It's kind of hard to explain and really hard to photograph, one of these days I will do a video tutorial on this very step)
 Then the seam you just sewed with be on the inside and you will have a nice finished underarm.
 Add your buttons to the back of the bodice (following the pattern) Then your bodice is done.
 Now for the skirt. There are tons of ways to line this skirt. I would have done it a different way if I did it again, but this way turned out fine. So I put the skirt and lining together and then sewed the pockets in place right sides together. Sew the pockets to the front and back skirt pieces in the same place.
 Then press the pockets out flat. Line up the front and back skirt pieces so right sides are together. Sew along the side of the skirt sewing around the pocket edge. (follow the black dotted line)
 Then turn the skirt piece right side out. With the bodice and skirt right sides together match up the side seams of the skirt and the side seams of the bodice.  Then add two box pleats on the left and right side so the skirt fits the bodice. (do that for the front and back)
 Then sew the bodice and skirt together.
 Turn it right side out and then you have a nice little dress.
 To add the ribbon at the waist. Sew a strip in half sewing along the top edge so you make a little tube. Turn it right side out.
 Then fold the ends under and pin the ends in place at both side seams and match the middle up with the middle of the bodice.
 Then add pleats going outward until the ribbon fits the waist.
 Then I simply top stitched around the edges to secure in place. ( I also added a simple bow to the center which I didn't take pictures of but it's just like the bow I made HERE
 Now for hemming the bottom. Remember when I said I would have done the lining differently? This is why, hemming the bottom when it tapers is not easy. I wanted the bubble shape to the hem so it was fine, I just added two small pleats at both sides and hemmed it just fine.
 Then you are done. Not bad right? I love the new twist on the Claire, and awesome that Abbey has an easter dress.
 I love any dress with buttons down the back and pockets on the side.
 And anything that makes Abbey smile :)

Of course it also makes her look a little grown up... but that happens I guess.


  1. this is so precious Shauna. I love your pleated belt and the new trend with bows. Adorable! You are saying my name with that seersucker it!

  2. Adorable. I too love the pleated belt.

  3. So sweet and adorable, I love that seersucker is making such a come back :)

    1. I totally agree I LOVE all things seersucker!

  4. This is so so sweet. Perfect for Easter. I have the Claire top pattern - so this will definitely be something I try!

  5. that is adorable! I need to get moving on Easter dresses for my girls, I just realized how close it is!

  6. This is such a great dress! I cannot wait to make one....... Separate question: where did you get Abby's adorable sandals? I am currently n the hunt....

    1. Her shoes are from Target last year. I made her wear them for the pictures even though they are 2 sizes to small now, but I just picked up some new sandals at Target this weekend and they have tons of super cute sandals. I wanted them all.

  7. Love the second to last picture and that seersucker!!! The pleated belt is super fun too.

  8. so pretty! I love the teal and yellow combo. :) oh, and by the way, Abbey's hair is adorable!!!

  9. Adorable dress! I wish I had a little girl to make one for!

  10. ADORABLE! I'm still at a loss for what I'll do for my daughter's Easter dress this year, so this will go in the running. :)

  11. So cute! I have some Lavender seersucker sitting in my stash...this might be the push I need to chop it up! :)

  12. Super cute dress! I've got some cute yellow seersucker that could use a purpose. Would you mind sharing how you would change the hem on the skirt if you did it again?? Would you sew the lining to the skirt at the hem first? Could you still put in pockets doing it that way??

  13. Thank you for the inspiration! And thank you for the easy tutorial on how to make pockets! I made the dress for my daughter, with a couple variations. Oh, and I followed the same steps as you, but I didn't have to pleat the bottom. I am going to guess that I didn't cut my bottom edge in as much.


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